Hello and welcome to a new blog called A Chess Life! The reason I’ve started this is not to replace other great chess sites, apps and software but instead to create somewhere for my own perspective on chess as I learn it from the very start.

There are plenty of places you can learn and play chess but if you’re anything like me you forget what you learn very quickly and have to start all over again or find yourself making the same mistakes. For me the best way to learn is to write it all down somewhere that I can refer to it again in the future and I haven’t found many places that do that so let’s start!

You’ll find the articles come in bite size pieces so you can refer to them later or look them up and each one is categorised and tagged for ease of reference. As I build the articles up I’ll also link them to each other so you can explore different openings and options as you go through.

So that’s the plan, please spread the word, leave your comments and join in with your own thoughts on the best way to learn chess. Happy chess playing!


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