Giuoco Piano – part 2


We left off in the last post with white to move and considering whether to defend the e4 pawn with d3 or to play a more aggressive move such as d4 or b4.

There is an opening called the Giuoco Pianissimo which we referred to and means the very quiet game. It should be avoided mainly because it’s boring! But let’s look at anyway so you can see why.

We can get there through transposition if white plays d3 to defend the e4 pawn. This starts to lock the board down and the most popular response from black is d6 as there’s not much else he can do! Moves beyond that take us out of the Giuoco Pianissimo so we won’t look at them here but as we’ve said before you’re going to find it hard to beat someone quickly from this sort of position so you should avoid it!

So one of the best options for white here is to ignore the threat to e4 and play d4 forking the pawn and the bishop. This is still the Giuoco Piano and in the next post we’ll look at the response from black to this move.

There’s an interesting video on this below which suggests d4 as the way to go which leads to some interesting variations. Check it out at;


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